Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally 8 to 18 and I'm running late for an appointment

8 Throne of Jade, Naomi Novik
Second book in the Temeraire series. Nothing much to complaint about. There's more dragons and a great What If that explores how 1800s China will be like with dragons. Perhaps the only thing that bother me is the description of Thousand Century Eggs (I love to eat that by the way).

9 Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

I hate Stephanie Meyer. I recommended this book to my friend (with loads of !!!!!!!!!!!) but when she spied Meyer's name on the book, she set it down immediately and walked out of the bookstore. WHYYYYYY. DAMN YOU MEYER.

10 Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins

11 Portugue
se Irregular verbs, Alexander McCall Smith
I'm beginning to feel that I just can't figure out humor. ._.

12 Turn Coat, Jim Butcher
Book 11 of the Dresden Files. Ahh I love Jim Butcher

13 The year of the flood, Margret Atwood

The other half of Ox and Crake and focuses on two women. I love the social criticism in this. Mystery Burger sounds totally yucky and I fully recommend this book.

14 Another Note: The BB Los Angeles case, original concept by Takeshi Obata and Ohba, written by NISIOISIN and, translated by Andrew Cunningham
A pretty good serial murder case and a sinister character who is arguably far more psychotic than Kira. Plus the backstory of how NA meets L. There's good plot twist - I didn't see it coming - although the best part of the book is the narrator. OH HI THERE MELLO!

15 悲伤逆流成河 by 郭敬明

First non-English book of the year! Only for people who enjoy tragedy for the sake of tragedy. The ending stinks to the power of ten. But really i should have figured out from the english title of this book it's gonna suck. Cry me a sad river? Wut?

16 小王子
Little Prince in Chinese. Fairly easy to read. Why, I believe my Chinese has improved!

17 M is for Magic, Neil Gaiman
Meh. There is only one or two stories that stick in my head and they are kind of unglueing right now.

18 Howl Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones
I WRONGED YOU DIANA! Fantastic book! I can't believed it took watching the animated film (which differs a lot from the book but is nonetheless awesome) for me to finally read her books. Looks like my childhood irrational fear of her is just irrational. P.S Sophie rules.