Sunday, August 29, 2010

Current Progress

It's been a while since I last updated. Currently, I'm only at 25 out of 100 books which is very slow progress! I would need to read 75 books in the remaining 4 months to reach my goals or around 4.5 books per week! Somehow I doubt I can reach my goal this year either.

Of the three smaller goals, I managed to complete reading 5 non-English books (all in Chinese although I intend to try reading one book in Japanese). That's a big surprise! Totally did not expect reaching it when I first set the goal. It is highly likely that I will read at least another 5 more books in Chinese (no thanks to 九把刀 Giddens; his books are fantastic).

Non-fiction is still at a pathetic count of 1...

Currently reading:

1) 猫尾面包店
2) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
3) Black Powder War
4) Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword (fan translation of 风云第一刀)
5) 上课不要看小说

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6&7: Graphic Novels

6 It takes a wizard, Thomas Hart and Sean Lam (graphic novel)
Set in a Manhattan that has become hell, the graphic novel has great potential but fails to reach it. The art style might be messy but it works well. However, the ending of the comic leaves the reader feeling cheated as it is not what the plot has been building towards. Has the writer been forced by his editor for this disney ending? It does not matter as I will not be buying it.

7 Solanin, Inio Asano (graphic novel)
The characters strive to escape from their mundane boring lives and to realise their dreams. Nothing is that simple and financial problems intrudes into their lives. The art is breath taking, as expected of Inio Asano. I actually teared up at a certain part and the themes in this manga (japanese comic) are definitely something that the readers can identify with. Well, at least for college undergraduates like me. Growing up is a painful process.