Friday, July 4, 1997


"So what do I have to do?"
"Dance," said the Sheep Man. "Yougottadance. Aslongasthemusicplays. Yougottadance. Don'teventhinkwhy. Starttothink, yourfeetstop. Yourfeetstop, wegetstuck. Wegetstuck, you'restuck. Sodon'tpayanymind, nomatterhowdumb. Yougottakeepthestep. Yougottalimberup. Yougottaloosenwhatyoubolteddown. Yougottauseallyougot. Weknowyou'retired, tiredandscared. Happenstoeveryone, okay? Justdon'tletyourfeetstop."

- Dance Dance Dance
Haruki Murakami

Who Are You?

I'm not quite sure who I really am; in this long hard journey call life, I still stumble and fall. I suppose this makes blog a half-bildungsroman doesn't it?

What is this about?

A good question. I write. One may expect the escape of more foul and dull writing into the world except, I already polluted the world with my writing back in 2001. Though it is not for me to judge if my writing has improved. Perhaps it is still as dull as before.

Apart from these future horrifying writing, I also post some short thoughts and feeling about the books I read. You see, I have made it a goal to read 100 books this year, so far it has not been looking good.

Read if you want. Comment if you want.